Chloe - One Year
                   Tucker Sitting In A Fountain....Silly Guy.
Statement from Tucker's Family-
Tuckie has the best personality.  To him a "stranger is a friend that he hasn't met yet". He loves everyone. He is a funny little guy. He makes the craziest sounds.
He seems to be very healthy,18 pounds and solid muscle.
Our groomer and a breeder say he is beautiful and the perfect size.
He goes to work with me everyday. I gave your e-mail address to a lady that wanted a Scottie just like Tucker. We have a Wedding coming up in Dec. in The Bahamas. Tucker is going to stay with my daughter's cats and her friend (the pet babysitter) in Texas,
 or I would get another one of your puppies. We are so glad we found you.
          6 Scottie Pups from 3/11/2016 litter
Statement from Mingus' Family 
Janet, Attached is a photo of Mingus that really shows his adorable eyes and eyelashes. I think this face would really sell your pups on your website!  Everyone loves our baby - maybe scotties will come into high fashion again!
Mary F.  
Baron and Lucky - one year old   Jessie's boys
 Statement From Connor, Heather and Robbie's  Mom
I love my pictures of my baby girl Heather.. Your puppies will go fast.. there top quality,healthy, beauitful scottie dogs.. We got Connor from you a year ago.. he is our 4th Scottie that we have owned and he is by far the best, beauitful coat, and has a great personality...and most of all healthy..Were so glad we found you...
                    Glenn and his person.
                   Connor's Chair
 Sadie - A little girl who loves nosing flowers.
                        Robbie                                            Heather and Conner           
Tucker- One of Maggie's Boys ---->
Baron and Lucky 5 months old


Statement from Angus' family-
Thank you again for bringing Angus into our life Janet. He is a healthy, beautiful pup. The only drawback to our experience with Lainie and Baily’s litter was that we couldn’t take all of them home with us. 
Thank you for being so dedicated and passionate at what you do, it definitely shows in the pups you breed.
Scott & Alex
                  Ivy In training for a service dog.for hospitals and senior homes. We are so proud of him and are grateful to our breeder Janet for giving us a special guy.
                             Chloe all grown up  ---------->
Dougan and Augie - Brothers from the same litter
Striker above playing in the grass. Winston below at 5 months old
The pictures below are of puppies already adopted and living with their new families.  They are so cute <3
<--- Bailey, Jr.
      A beautiful brindle girl